Display LED Board

Display LED Board specializes in the design and manufacture of some good looking lightboxes.The use of diffusion technology has resulted in a stunning, sleek, edge-lit lightbox, spreading an extremely even illumination that provides the perfect platform to showcase visual illustrations. The Electro Luminous Ultra-slim lightboxes comes in a variety of standard sizes or they can be custom made to suit your specifications. Sizes up to 3 meters x 1.5 meters. These signs are adaptable as images can be changed within minutes. Our Easy clip-in system ensures no crinkles.

- Eye-catching menu with a glowing "neon" appearance
- 7 colors of LED lights / 12 different flashing modes
- Easy to write on, heavy-duty, durable acrylic surface
- Super thin and lightweight frame board making it easy to ship
- Extremely low power consumption - only a few watts
- Eco-friendly, cleanable with a tissue.
- Can be cleaned with a tissue or soft towel