Its an UV+RO water purifier, provides safe and pure water.Its UV Purification System and RO purification technology eliminates disease and reoves impurities like lead,chemicals, etc.

Features And Specifications:
  • This advanced Aquaguard Total DUO purification process goes through 6-stage.
  • It has a large storage capacity of 10 liters.
  • The water purifier has UV Purification System which provides pure water.
  • Consist of re-circulating pump which circulated water through UV Disinfection Column in 5 minutes within 6 hours.
  • Having electronic membrane life enhancer keeping the smooth functioning of water purifier for longer period of time.
  • For Realiabilty of membrane the water purifier has self cleansing system which removes deposited particles for every 1 minute within 2 hours.
  • This water purifier removes 90% of total dissolved salts( TDS).
  • The water purifier is having indicators for the conveniance of user: