Time Telecom was founded in 1999 with the vision to provide solutions in the emerging Telecom, CCTV Security, Biometric, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm Systems market by selling world-class products on new technologies and providing total Switching Solutions.

In the first four years of operation the company established itself as a major OEM supplier of quality equipment and consolidated itself by setting up its own marketing network in high potential regions of the country. During this same period, the company's human resources were enriched and technical capabilities strengthened to enable further expansion in the activities of the company. We has also offered its manufacturing expertise to other organizations to manufacture their products using its infrastructure and resources.

In the early nineties, the company started the identification process for the possible avenues for expanding its operations to best utilize the available resources. It was in the year '99 that the company identified Automatic Identification, CCTV Security,Biometric,Fire Fighting,Alarm, and Data Collection (AIDC) as the first of such areas to expand its operations with initial focus on the Barcode and Radio Frequency related products. In a short span of a year, we had developed strong alliances with the leading ADC companies.

In the late 20s to augment the skills available in the fields of Telecom and Security, Time Telecom diversified in the Software Area by starting development on a high tech Management System.